Ripple Effect


Ripple Effect is a board game that uses cause and effect to help you creatively address the challenges you encounter in bite-sized pieces. This game is for anyone who wants to innovate in their context and make the world a little bit better


Ripple Effect is a cutting edge innovation game designed by Dr. Amanda Drury through Discipleship by Design and is brought to you via a partnership with Ministry Incubators – the leading ministry innovation consultants in the field today.

The object of Ripple Effect is to generate ideas on how you might solve challenges in your context. This game will help you define your challenge, cultivate empathy, identify resources, and spark creativity. It’s simply a place to start. Once you’ve generated some ideas you can take it from there!

Note: Enclosed are alternative directions on how to reverse the game. In other words, instead of examining a challenge, you’ll focus on a solution and explore the benefits that emerge. This will help you dream up ways of expanding your brilliant ideas. Play the game twice: first to explore the challenge, then to explore your solution.

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