Mission Possible


Would you like to learn how to do design thinking for innovation in less than 2 hours? 

Generate creativity and help people think outside of the box? 

Learn how to use whatever resources you have rather than focus on what is missing or lacking?

Create bonding and team building while playing a dynamic game?

This all happens when groups play Mission Possible together. Mission Possible is a game that takes participants through the design thinking process, from big problems to the creative use of resources to innovative solutions all in less than 2 hours. Participants will enjoy themselves and walk away with a much deeper understanding of how to address problems creatively. What takes months to learn in a classroom or workshop can be learned through playing a game. It can be played with as few as 5 and as many as 100. Mission Possible has been used by corporations such as Target, churches, educational institutions, youth groups, nonprofit organizations, and countless others. It is fun. And it works!

You can get Mission Possible for $149 – bulk pricing available for five or more copies!


Brought to you by Rooted Good, Mission Possible is a fun, engaging, challenging workshop-in-a-box that will inspire creativity, resourcefulness, and teamwork. The game challenges multiple participant groups to take a set of “dealt” resources” and create a team project for the most transformative or creative solution to a complex social problem.

It calls them to apply principles and practices related to:

  • Design thinking.
  • Teamwork.
  • Idea generation and evaluation.
  • Impact measurement.
  • Presenting skills.

Mission Possible has a group game board, cards, instructions — everything needed to run a workshop with 1 to 10 groups with 3 to 6 people per group. And there are enough elements in it to run the game multiple times.

The Mission Possible tool has been used to date by a range of different kinds of ministries, non-profits, and educational programs:

  • Duke University
  • Princeton University
  • UT Dallas – Entrepreneurship program
  • United Methodists
  • Schriener University – Citizenship program
  • CMS Missional Entrepreneurship Course
  • The Grove Co-working space, Dallas
  • Baptist General Association of Virginia – University Student program
  • Leadership Network

Groups will play against each other to come up with the most transformative or creative solution to their given problem. Learning objectives include design thinking principles, idea generation and impact measurement! 


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