One of the most amazing things you’ll ever do in youth ministry is to empower your students to take ownership of the youth ministry. After all, it’s their ministry (or should be, if it’s not).

I’ll certainly never forget my youth pastor allowing me to serve and empowering me to do so. It all started with just letting me make the announcements and emcee youth group…and 18 years later I’m a youth worker myself and I’m not only empowering teens to take ownership of the ministry but I’m coaching other youth workers to follow some of the same steps I learned from my youth pastor

10 ways you can get teens to own the youth ministry:

1. Announcements! – I couldn’t help but put this one on the list since it was my first role in youth group. Give up the mic to a teenager!

2. Games – If you plan to do a game (or two) during the course of your meeting together, have one of your students plan for the game and then allow them to run it!

3. Greeting – Have students be the first contact when someone walks through the doors of your facility. Prepare a welcome table and get a few students to welcome guests.

for the complete list, visit my post on here.