Risen (Sermon)




Big Idea: The evil powers of this world were at work through the arrest, beating, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The goal was to kill Jesus because that would end the hope people had of being restored to God. Death was seen as the ultimate end, and if He was crucified and buried in a tomb, Satan would win. This is what appeared to have happened from every vantage point. Satan believed he had won, Rome believed they had won, and the disciples and followers of Jesus believed they had lost. The death of Jesus seemed to be the end of the road for the people of God. But, Jesus did not stay dead. Three days later a miracle happened as he was raised from the grave. When Jesus overcame death, he broke the back of the evil one and gave new life to all of creation. Satan’s plans to separate us from God for all eternity were defeated because Jesus had risen!

Use this sermon to communicate the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter (or anytime, really… HE LIVES!)

What’s included in this package:

  • Teaching Manuscript
  • Graphics for Sermon
  • Small Group Questions
  • Done-for-You Social Media Posts

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